Washington Law Enforcement Exploring Advisors

WLEEA Board Members and Staff

Board Members

  • Officer Mike Ellis - Arlington Police Department President

    Officer Mike Ellis is the Explorer Program Coordinator for the Mountlake Terrace Police Department. He was elected WLEEA President in 2017 after a brief appointment as WLEEA Treasurer in 2016. He was an Explorer with the King County Sheriff's Office From 2004 - 2009.

    Officer Ellis' drive to assist Explorers goes back to his time as an Explorer where he saw the benefits of not only the program but the relationships that it builds with individuals that carry on in Law Enforcement and those that move into the private sector.

    Officer Ellis' is a graduate of the University of Washington where he received a dual major in Business Marketing and Management with a minor in Business Administration. In addition to Law Enforcement Officer Ellis is also an avid sports fanatic and Officiates Hockey at the College and Major Junior levels within the United States and Canada.

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  • Detective Andy Mehl - Edmonds Police Department Vice-President

    Detective Andrew Mehl has been a Police Officer with the Edmonds Police Department since 2007 and an Explorer Advisor since 2013.

    He was previously an Explorer with the University of Washington Police Department from 1996 until joining the United States Marine Corps in 1999. After serving a tour in Iraq in 2005, Detective Mehl was honorably discharged and received an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Shoreline Community College in 2007. During his last quarter at Shoreline Community College he served as an unpaid intern with the Edmonds Police Department before being hired as a full time officer.

    Detective Mehl is currently assigned as a Detective, investigating crimes such as felonious assaults, robberies and homicides in the City of Edmonds. Detective Mehl is also an Investigator with the Snohomish County Multiple Agency Response Team which is responsible for investigating officer involved shootings and in-custody deaths in Snohomish County.

    Detective Mehl enjoys playing golf, watching baseball games and volunteering with Special Olympics Washington in his free time.

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  • Instructor Rob Stevens - Clark County Sheriff's Office Treasurer


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  • Officer Deanna Storch - Spokane Police Department Secretary

    Officer Deanna Storch has been a Police Officer with the Spokane Police Department since February 2006 and an Explorer Advisor since 2013.

    She was first involved with Law Enforcement 1998 while attending Eastern Washington University when she began volunteering with the Spokane Police Department Co-op Program. She graduated from E.W.U. in 1999 with a B.A. in Criminal Justice and graduated from the Spokane Police Reserve Academy in December 1999.

    From January 2000-March 2004 she worked as a 911 call receiver for Spokane County. She continued to volunteer as a Spokane Police Reserve Officer until she was hired as a full time Police Officer with the Spokane Airport Police in March 2004. She left the Spokane Airport Police Department in good standing when the opportunity arose to advance to the Spokane Police Department.

    Her favorite part about being an Explorer Advisor is the personal relationships that she has built with several of the youths.

    Officer Storch is currently assigned to the Patrol Division.

    When not working, Officer Storch enjoys time with her husband, 3 beloved beagles, camping, snowmobiling and being in the outdoors.

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Staff Members

  • Instructor Rob Stevens - Clark County Sheriff's Office Public Relations & Scholarships Chair

    Rob Stevens is an Advisor and Post Committee Chairman with the Clark County Sheriff's Office Explorer Post. During the week he is a Senior Systems Engineer working in large scale EMR Database Management, Data Center Compute, and Enterprise Storage Systems serving hundreds of organizations comprised of more than 10,000 clinicians nationwide. This includes Jail systems, Universities, and City/State wide Health System orginizations. Rob worked for Hewlett Packard for ten years beginning in 1998 and then with Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) prior to this role.

    Rob attended the Sacramento County Sheriff's Basic Recruit Academy in 2001 with a goal of joining the High Tech Crimes Task Force. A transfer to the Vancouver area with HP put those plans on hold, however, the draw to Law Enforcement has kept him involved in a volunteer capacity ever since. When his youngest son found the same passion and joined the Post, so did Rob (as an Advisor). He is also an ASP Certified Tactical Baton and Handcuff Instructor and peridoically holds classes with the Explorers and other deputies.


    Currently he serves as the Public Relations and Scholarships Chair to the WLEEA Executive Board. This includes state wide communications, management of the website, facebook page, and academy registration system. As well as coordinating the scholarships and awards each year. He also assists in managing the day-to-day operations during the two six day academies as a member of the Command Staff.

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